Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday

Who went shopping on Black Friday

I went but I only went in the afternoon & 

I only went because I needed some of the usual things.

I try to avoid it, if at all possible!

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 All in all my long weekend was great. Spent it with my family & now it's time to go back to work and school...Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving Weekend!!!


  1. I went..but only for a pair of boots! They were on sale for $15 :)
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  2. Last year I went black friday shopping and got some really good deals. This year I was too broke to go for my own shopping, but I went with my silly boyfriend when he decided that it was the perfect time to pick up a blue ray player and speakers set for 100 dollars off original price. He is so pleased with himself.

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  3. I'm not even remotely interested in shopping on Black Friday!

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  5. You are brave. I avoid it like the plague

  6. We did a little bit of shopping but mostly for clothes that we all needed. I did most of my 'gift' shopping done online.