{About Me}

{All About Me!}

I am going to school to be a NURSE full time and I just recently got divorced, makes me a SINGLE mother of 4 beautiful children.

Two years after I graduated H.S. I went to a vocational school for studio recording which included a internship in Nashville, TN. {which I have done nothing with}

I worked as a in retail music stores, clothing stores and in Radio as a Remote Technician & Promotions Coordinator. 

I worked as a MEDICAL ASSISTANT and LOVED it but the office closed it's doors at the same time I found out I was pregnant. 

I have been a SAHM for just about 8 {almost 9} years now! I have 4 kids {girl, boy, girl, boy}

My favorite ice cream is Cookies'n'Cream! Yummy!

I have a slight obsession with MUSIC {especially Reba~she's my Fav!}.

I am totally addicted to blogging & Facebook! AND PINTEREST!

I like to bake but I hate too cook {although I don't really much anymore ~ bake}

I think my children are my greatest accomplishment!

I found my 1st gray hair this year! And I got rid of it!

I got married August 30, 2002. Got pregnant with our 1st baby 4 months later.{GOT divorced 10/4/12}

Was married for 10 years.

I am painfully shy. Or I would have been a FAMOUS Singer...lol

I was a D.J. at my High School Radio station for 3 years!

I am a Medical Assistant.

My dream job would be a Record Producer for Reba!

I think I have A.D.D.!

I weighted 98 lbs when I graduated High School.

I love, love Dr. Pepper but I am quitting drinking soda! Crazy me!

I am terrible at Math. 

My favorite colors are pink and brown. {any girly colors really}

My favorite vacation {if I actually get one} is spending time in the beautiful mountains of AZ!

My favorite type of music is Country but I like me some Hip-Hop and whatever seems to be my mood.

I love the beach {but I have only been twice in my life}.

I hate the mud.

 I were born {in Mesa} and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. LIVE in MESA again!

I have lived in the same state all my life.

It wore make up everyday before I had kids.

I have had one car totaled & another damaged by other vehicles {while they were parked with nobody in them}.

I breastfed all three  four of my kids {currently nursing}.

I really need to exercise & lose weight but...

I am 33. {Born in 1978}

I was induced with my last 2 3 babies.

My last 2 baby had to be delivered early due to me having high blood pressure.

I am DONE having babies!

My oldest 2 babies were both over 8 lbs, the youngest 2 were just over 6 lbs & 7lbs.

I tend to have a potty mouth {I am working on that}.

I only have one brother.

We are 2 years apart in age { I am older }.

I always wanted to have more than 2 children.

I have 4 children.

I for the life of me can't keep up on my laundry.

I consider myself a good friend & a good listener.

I love medical shows  & crime shows!

But I LOVE comedies the MOST!

Sponge Bob annoys me.

I love the the discovery channel & TLC.

I would love to Travel the world.

I have been known to be a bit obsessed with music.

I have to have my chapstick with me at all times.

My favorite foods are Mexican Food & Pizza.

I love bread!

My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving & Christmas!

I tried to learn to play the guitar in High School {it only lasted for my Senior year}.

My favorite thing to do is SWIM.

I HATE {deathly afraid of} bees, wasps, yellow jackets...anything that buzzes & has a stinger.

I use to throw up easily but not so much now that I am a mom.

My favorite meal is roast, potatoes, veggies, & gravy.

I do not spend enough time on my make up & my hair {as I once did}.

I am a night person & I am a horrible morning person.

I am terribly crabby if I don't get enough sleep.

I didn't enjoy being pregnant {I was sick the entire 9 months with all 3 4 pregnancies}!

My favorite time of the year is fall/winter { Phoenix only has Summer & Winter }.

I spank my kids. Trust me they need it.

I wear sandals pretty much all year!

I really don't like socks much.

I like to plan ahead.

My major pet peeve rude people & strangers giving me unwanted "parenting" advice.

I'm spoiled. So are my kids.

I have allergies! {pretty much allergic to any plant}

I drive a minvan.

I am L.D.S. {Mormon}

I enjoy trying to be creative!