Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 25

{your (my) day, in great detail}

My day in GREAT detail....
I woke up @ 6:30 am got ready, took my 2 older kids to school @ 7:05 am. Then came home & went out to breakfast with my mom, dad & youngest! It was YUMMY!

Got back around 11 am.

Then came home got ready for school and got my youngest ready to go to the sitter's house. 

Out the door @ 12:30 pm.

Then OFF to school I went for my EXTERN class which was VERY informative! 

Arrived at school @ 12:55pm!

That was dismissed at 4pm. 

I drove home & picked up my hubby where we drove back to school for our regular class. 

We took OUR final exam @ 6:15pm then directly afterwards at 7 pm we had a pot luck with all of our class mates.

Got home EARLY around 8 pm!

I am done with the school PART 

Now on to my EXTERNSHIP! 

 In about 5 weeks...I will be a official graduated Medical Assistant (M.A.)!!!! 


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  3. Hi! I am following your blog through Follow Friday!! Your blog is wonderful!!! Feel free to follow mine as well.

  4. That is a detailed schedule! Yay for being close to graduating!

  5. sounds like your living the life...a busy one....I am so proud of you and your decision to go back to school!!! A big congrats on your upcoming graduation...that is so exciting!!