Monday, December 21, 2009

Guardian Angels

Last night when I was dropping the kids off at their dad's, as I was leaving, this truck slowed down right before it crossed my path and let off about 2 rounds of gun fire towards the store next to my in laws house. I always cut through the parking lot of the confidence store to get back on the main road. For some reason as I was leaving I stopped to let this truck that was on the road pass by first, but it too stopped (it was the one shooting at the store or most likely rival gang members). So, a second later I high tailed it out of there, not caring about red lights or anything, but my kids, I had just dropped off. I call Jared to make sure my kids were OKAY!!! He said he pushed them to the ground & laid on top of them. Then immediately got them inside. Then of course I called 911 and gave my description of the vehicle & thug shooting the gun!

Thankfully we are ALL okay. Yes we have Guardian Angels watching out for us. I mean I was so close that I SAW the gun fire! SUPER scary & I AM NOT dropping the kids off at night anymore! All these years in South Phoenix & that's only the 3rd drive by I have witnessed but by far the scariest & closest! Oh and we have only been moved back for a month. This is one of the reasons we moved to Show Low to begin with, for cryin' out loud!

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  1. Holy freakin crap!!! I'm glad everyone was ok! I miss that plave but not THAT much!! By the way, how do you do all those super cute fonts on your page?!