Saturday, December 19, 2009

At My Wits End!

I love my kids to pieces and they are going through a lot! But their behavior sometimes is ridiculous. The temper tantrums over EVERYTHING is getting OLD! I really don't know what to do? They yell and scream at me and hit me and tell me they hate me and they only like daddy. This happens worse after they have spent the night with their dad. Nathan is acting up the most with the hitting and mean words. McKayla is more just a fit thrower. Please if anyone has any suggestions on how to curve this behavior it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


  1. I'm sorry Kenna! When my kids throw tantrums I just try to ignore them. They usually are only trying to get a reaction out of you. The hitting and mean words are more difficult to deal with. Just tell them you love them and show it often. Encourage them more (almost to the extreme) when they do good things. I don't know how involved Jared is or the extent of your guys situation, but if he is willing have him talk to Nathan, be firm but loving about how his behavior is not okay. Or if Nathan is close to your dad or brother, have them do it. Also, if you have the resources, take your kids out on mommy dates alone. It doesn't have to cost money. I have found that when I can spend some alone time with Kaelynn her behavior is much more pleasant. Good Luck!