Friday, May 15, 2009

Nathan's Field Trip

Nathan's class also went to the same park McKayla's class went the day before. He had a great time blowing bubbles, running, playing on the playground, playing in the sand, playing with his friend's (the boy in the picture w/ him is Patrick), they also played with the ball in the parachute game. Before all the fun began they enjoyed a picnic lunch. Then later they had snack & went home. Both kids are out for the summer on the 21st. Then McKayla will start Kindergarten on Aug 3rd. I can't believe how fast they grow! And Nathan will enjoy another year of Headstart before his starts Kindergarten the following year.

Alyssa Enjoying the park from her view in a tree. Daddy enjoyed his time in the park with the kids also..He's a big kid himself.


  1. Aw! Poor Pat he looks so sad!

    How was Day Two in the park?