Wednesday, May 13, 2009

McKayla's Field Trip

For the end of the year field trip, McKayla's class walked over to the park by the Show Low Fire Department. The kids had a blast running around, playing on the playground with their friends. They made kites that they flew, blew bubbles, read books and even played a little football with Jared & another daddy. Here are a few high lights below.

Here's McKayla & Daddy in action!

McKayla & more of her classmates.

Alyssa enjoying some park time also.

McKayla & her buddies on the slide.

Alyssa watching on from her stroller...wishing she was big enough for the action.

McKayla's best friend in the whole world, Elizabeth.

Tomorrow is Nathan's end of the year field trip with his class to the same park!


  1. I wish you luck tomorrow! I don't think I could do two days of park fun!!

  2. looks like she really had so much fun. Your such a good mom, right after having a baby, your back at it! way to go!