Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update On Nathan

He's milking it for all it's worth...LOL!

The surgery went very well. It turns out his adenoids were very large & infected, so they were removed. The doctor said he did very well & was the bravest kid all day! We are so proud of him...he didn't even cry until after he came out of the anesthesia. Last night & today he's just been resting and eating popsicles & jello. He's a bit cranky due to the fact he can't eat whatever he wants to eat.

McKayla's fine...she just wanted to take a picture with Nathan's mask from surgery on. Silly girl:)


  1. Glad everything went well and he's pulling through. Funny though, I thought I was the only one with dramatic girls, good to know you have one too!

  2. Poor kid! Hayden just went thru it and no fun! Two weeks later and my boy is back to normal. I hope Nathan feels better soon.

  3. So sorry little Nathan had to endure this! I hope he heals quickly! You've had alot to handle this week. I hope you're doing ok. Take Care!