Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poor Nathan:(

Nathan has to have his Adenoids checked tomorrow and possibly removed. So, they do the procedure at the Hospital and they put him under general anesthesia. He's been experiencing chronic stuffy, running, gross nose for quit awhile now so his doctor sent him to an Ears, Nose & Throat Specialist and this is what he recommended to do. He says most likely that all it is and he'll be all better after they are removed.

(Click on the title to learn more about the Adenoids)


  1. Are you seeing Dr. Coombe or Dr. Cox?
    Dr. Coombe took out the tonsils AND adenoids of both my big kids. He's great.
    I can fill you in on all the particulars of the procedure, and the aftermath!

    Seriously, getting Elizabeth and Dylan's tonsils and adenoids out was maybe the best thing we ever did for them as parents. That and the whole giving them life thing! ;)

  2. Dr. Coombe did the procedure...he's awesome!

    I hope it helps him...I'm sure he's tired of not being able to breath right!