Monday, June 23, 2008

I am still alive!

Not much new to blog. Jared will be home on Saturday thank goodness! I could totally use his help around here. The kids are wild little bursts of energy and I have none. I have had to call in sick to work a little more than I care to. But I think I am gonna take a leave of absences for awhile. There are these 3 women whom I work with that seem to have something against me for some reason. But I have never done a thing to them they just seem to hate me. That's completely stressing me out not to mention the fact that I feel crappy everyday.


  1. Just tell them to go stick it in their ear. In life, I am noticing, people do things to make themselves feel better about themselves. So just focus on your blessings and happiness and let these women be....not only will it tick them off more, but when they notice you don't pay attention to those childish ways...they will leave you alone and find someone else, bummer for that person, but at least they will be off your back. Or you can always confront them and tell them exactly how you feel......but telling them to stick it in their ear, is by far the funnest.

  2. Amen to what Amy said! I hope Jared will help you out a lot after he gets home. I'm sure you're sick and exhausted. Are you as sick as you were the first two times around or is it a little better or worse this time? I hope the kids are being somewhat nice for you. They are definitely big bundles of energy!

    Take Care! Danya