Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby Spa pampered by Nature

BabySpa "Winter Essentials" (, which is a line of natural lotions, oils, shampoos that cater to the specific needs of a growing child's skin. These products match up with the different milestones of a child such as crawling, walking and going to preschool. Made with the finest natural ingredients, including 5 ethnobotanicals (not available in any other baby skin care line), BabySpa nourishes the skin, reduces redness, meets baby's sensitive needs and makes for a great bonding experience between a mommy and her little one.


I like these products for my babies because they have extremely delicate/sensitive skin and they have eczema to top it off. So these natural lotions are my favorite! The moisturizing body lotion and soothing face cream are especially gentle and soothing which nourishes & protects your baby according to his/her stage of life {Newborn stage 1 Crawler} with Aloe,Calendula & patented Swiss Moisturizers. It has a nice soft scent and makes babies skin soft and smooth without any harmful stuff that other products may use. FREE from Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, PEG's, Mineral Oil & PBA's. I am truly impressed with this product and would highly recommend them especially if you are into Nature Products but if for the fact you have a baby or child with sensitive skin. Be sure to check out BabySpa products HERE.

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