Thursday, July 19, 2012

Similac SimplySmart Bottle Review

The Similac SimplySmart™ is one of if not the BEST bottle I have tried and I have tried EVERY brand and type that I have heard of. My baby took this bottle no problem, and he is use to breastfeeding as his main source. I wish that I would have known about this bottle with my other 3 kids, they would not take bottles.
This bottle was designed with special features that help reduce bubbles, fussiness and gas, and that prevent leaks.

*         Nipple: The naturally shaped nipple is designed to be more like mom for feeding between breast and bottle.
*         Intellivent™: This exclusive venting system is designed to minimize baby’s air intake for less fussiness and gas.
*         SmartClose™: Found only in Similac SimplySmart, the SmartClose reveals a blue shield when the top is secured to prevent leaks and assure the bottle is closed.
*         EasyMix™: This innovative mixing device is only found in Similac SimplySmart and is designed to help reduce bubbles and clumps.
*         Similac On-the-Go™ Powder Cap: A unique cap keeps powder and bottle together and holds enough powder formula for up to one 8-ounce bottle to help busy moms on the go. *Cap sold separately*

Similac SimplySmart is available in 4- and 8-ounce sizes, each with a wide opening and a comfortable grip, has a variety of nipple flow rates and is BPA free.

I would highly recommend the Similac SimplySmart Bottle to all moms! 

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"Disclosure: I received a free Similac SimplySmart bottle compliment of the Similac brand as part of a program from MomSelect.  No monetary exchange took place." 

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