Monday, December 6, 2010


I really am beat not use to working out of the house all day away from my babies, on my feet all day!

So need less to say I haven't blog much, only the blog hops. I am really enjoying my job, the people I work with are great & the doc's are pretty nice also.

Haven't forget about blogging just kind of brain dead that's biggie...LOL! Just thought I'd add some pictures that kind express how I feel these days. Have a great week EVERYONE!!!


  1. I hope you are able to get some rest. Take care

  2. Totally understand how you feel, but glad you are enjoying your job! I am a new follower from the Tuesday Train blog hop!

    -The Menu Mama

  3. Been there!

    Following you from BabyDealsDujour, we list all the baby daily deals in real-time. Love to see you on Facebook and Twitter too.

  4. I think we all have those days. New follower, check us out at

  5. I just went back to work....soooo tiring! Hope you get a little more rest!

    I am a new follower following from Six in the Nest!

  6. So glad I found you through the Tuesday blog hops. Your header is adorable, I signed up to receive you in my inbox daily. YAY! Can't wait to get to know you better.