Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday/Sunday Blog Hops

Just Married with Coupons

  1. Do you still celebrate your birthday? Kind of.
  2. What's your favorite kind of cake? Cheese Cake
  3. Craziest thing you've ever done for your birthday? I am boring...can't think of anything.
  4. What's your sign? Satutarius
  5. Best present you've ever gotten on your special day? Reba concer tickets 
  6. Worst gift? Nothin' 

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  1. No Not "Baaad" Sundays with LambAround?? Aaw, you're so mean ;)

    It's fun! There is a Best in Show award for the best post every week. The link should be up this afternoon :)

  2. Aww what a beautiful family you have!

    I just found your blog through one of the Sunday blog hops! Have a great rest of the weekend.

    Amanda @

  3. Mmmmm I love cheesecake too! I knew there was a reason I hopped over here!

    Come by visit back! Thanks!


  4. Hi There I just passed on an award to you check out my blog and have fun with it.