Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out Wednesdays

Here are the Rules:

~Pour Your Heart Out

Write a post from the heart.

Something that has been weighing on you.

Something you feel passionately about.

Something you've been wanting to talk about.

A cause, a memory, a belief, a world view.
This has been weighing on my mind for quite sometime...
I have known this particular person since we were Freshmen in High School. 
We have been BFF's since then.
She recently had her 1st baby. I mean I thought she wasn't going to have children but she did and we are so extremely happy for her. {my husband & I} And STILL are!!!!
Well, when it came time for her to give birth I wanted to be in the delivery room with her as she was with my first! But.... her husband wanted it to be a private thing which I totally understand & respect.


on the actual day of the delivary I drove 2 hours to get there & made it in plenty of time. Come to find out her hubby changed his mind about having people in the delivary room.

So...her mom, sister, brother & some friend that she hasn't known as long as me where in there. BUT....I wasn't allowed to stay in there because the dotor & nurse said there were too many people in there.

COME ON! Seriously during my oldest daughter's birth this person was in there along with a crap load of people.

I mean I understand but I was the ONLY person NOT allowed in there! And I was the only one who, besides her mother, who had had babies before! And to top it off I am her oldest friend.

Whatever! I know it sounds petty & selfish but really I would & have been there for her through so much and to MISS the birth of her daughter!!! 

I was HURT & disappointed in the ENTIRE situation. top it off this same gal & her hubby told me that my husband isn't welcome around them! 

What kind of crap is that?

I consider myself a GOOD friend but I feel like not trying anymore in this particular situation.

I know that my husband has done things in the past that they don't agree with but lets face it THEY aren't perfect either! 


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  1. Oh, I would be so hurt. :(

    Especially by them saying that about your husband. The delivery, I might shrug off as the craziness when someone is giving birth, but not saying that about your husband. :(

  2. Sorry to hear that you missed out on your friend's birth of her baby. I can understand that you would be hurt by it. Have you had the chance to talk to her about it? I'm sure that since you two are close that she would understand and you could get it off your chest.
    The comment about your husband, that was rude and unnecessary. Sounds like this gal was enjoying being nasty. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi there! I would be extremely hurt too. I probably would have just left though and not sat out there by myself. How rude!

    Following you now from Welcome Wednesday! A little late is better than never right?? I hope you can come by and follow back! Would love to see you!

    Amy @ Render Me Mama