Saturday, March 27, 2010

Frustrated and Tired MOMMY....Needs HELP!!!!

Why is this baby so much more difficult than the other many ways. She does NOT want to give up the BOOB! 

The other two kids...just stopped all on their own.

So there fore I have NO clue how to wean a baby.

Yes, she eats a wide variety of foods

Drinks milk from a SIPPY cup

and yes, she is ALMOST 

15 Months old!!!!

I am ready to stop nursing BUT

She is NOT!

Does that make me a bad 


McKayla stopped nursing...just totally lost interest in it at 11 months old

Nathan stopped at 9 months pretty much the same way cold turkey, cause he was ready.

What is up with Alyssa?

She just wants her "Ninnie" she calls it! 

ALL the time...

I mean she doesn't nurse a whole lot but she does for COMFORT 


to go to SLEEP.


  1. Good luck with that one! I don't even know what to tell ya because I only nursed Ande for one month & didn't nurse Jessica. Hope things get better for you

  2. You are NOT a bad mom for wanting to wean your almost nursery age baby!! I wish I had advice but P has always loved his binky for comfort and we weaned from breastfeeding by 8 or 9 months.. Good luck!!

  3. That is so tough! try a sippy and a blanket. and hold her. IDK, though! Its so hard and what works for one wont for the other right?!?! lol.. I miss running into all the time :( sad.... move back up here! lol... after school of course!
    :) Bryanna