Monday, February 1, 2010

My delima is ...'s my NEW delima.

Whether or not to put McKayla in a closer school? 

#1 ~ We spend 2 hours a day in travel time taking her to & from school.
#2 ~ Well..we all know how much gas prices are.

#3 ~ 50 miles a day ( round trip to & & from) 

#4 ~ I am the only person who can take her. ( It's too far for her dad to walk her.)

So, if we change her to Southwest ....

#1 ~ It's A LOT closer!

#2 ~ It's within walking distance from grandma & grandpa's house. 

#3 ~ Other family ( including her dad, could walk her to school) could take her & pick her up if needed.

#4 ~ Her cousins go to school there.

#5 ~ We would save time & money.

My delima is ... 
Southwest a GOOD school?
Should I change her schools again?

She wants to change school's and go where her cousins go. 

That's what's going on in OUR world this WEEK.


  1. From looking at the AZ State website, Southwest is a Performing Plus school.

  2. Kenna, we are in the same boat. I am totally stressing abut where to put Caleb for kinder next year. Right now we are hoping he gets into Eagle, a really great local charter school. However, they do a lottery and only a certain # of kids get in. If he does not get in there I had planned on driving him to a school that is 30 min. away. The thought of doing that drive twice a day and spending 2 hrs. on the road with three other kids doesnt sound like fun. So I had the same Southwest really that bad. For me it is more that the Roosevelt School district isnt that great and even though Southwest is performing plus...he would still prob get a better education else where. Ahh...the stress. Let me know what you decide.