Thursday, September 24, 2009

Construction Zone

Under construction Pictures, Images and Photos

I am currently modifying my blog, so I will be tweaking it until it's just right.

Any ideas are welcomed. The main thing I can't quit figure out is my header (blog tile) I can't seem to get any cool fonts or graphics up there. Whoever knows how to do this PLEASE HELP!

Also how do you make the fonts bigger & smaller and to change colors & so forth within the post???



  1. Kenna,

    I made Heidi and mine with a program I have installed on my computer. I can convert things into pictures, etc. You might be able to on any type of photo software if you have some. If you don't, or can't figure it out..., send me a picture & let me know what you want to say and I can do your header. Just something simple--that's all I know how to do. :)

  2. What you have so far is super cute! I really think it suits you. However, I am of NO help. Pat does all that stuff for me!
    Good luck!