Thursday, July 9, 2009


8 things I did yesterday

* Cleaned the kitchen.
* Finished Nathan's new curtains.
* Took Jared to work.
* Watched a Lifetime movie.
* Had to remember how to re thread my sewing machine.
* Fed & changed the baby (this is a EVERYDAY occurrence, more than once a day.)
* Stain treated some of Alyssa's cloths
* Ate leftovers for dinner.

8 things I look forward to

* Jared getting a day off.
* Getting my house organized...finally!
* Learning to sew new things.
* McKayla starting Kindergarten next month!
* Nathan returning to HeadStart.
* The new Reba McEntire CD!
* Losing weight.
* The New Twilight movie New Moon.

8 things I wish I could do

* Go back to school to finish my degree.
* Contribute financially to my family.
* Keep my house clean and organized the majority of the time. I think it's impossible to do w/ 3 kids & a husband.
* Be way more patient with my kids, hubby & myself.
* Be more out going or at least less shy.
* Find a hairstyle I like for once in my life.
* Move into a house...ASAP.
* Not worry about what people think of me as much and to not let it bother me.

8 shows I watch

* Bones
* Ghost Whisper
* Reba (I'll watch them over & over...Reba never gets old for me)
* Without A Trace
* Can You Duet
* Singing Bee


  1. I love most of those shows as well. Hope things are going good for you.

  2. How do you have time to watch all those shows in day?? I can hardly blog or FB. Yes indeed she is growing up for sure. We start JR. High this fall....time flies when your having fun!!