Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Camping Pictures


  1. Oh, I love camping. Alas, I don't think we'll make it this year. Maybe a day trip, but nothing big. My brother lives in Lakeside so maybe we can come visit him.
    I keep meaning to ask you how you know/are related to Neil Westover. He was my Biology teacher in H.S. (and one of my faves!) He also coached one of my brothers, George Squire.
    Anyways, hope your day is great!

  2. ooh! Camping! You are brave! Um, about the Emma movie, we just ordered it on netflix, but I bet you could get it at deseret book, or online somewhere? I hope you find it. If you are like me you will bawl 90% of the movie! Enjoy!

  3. Fun Times!!! Camping is the best! (well, except for the dirt - hahaha)!