Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Sister

Everything Thursday at McKayla & Nathan's school they have what's called show & share. Where they bring something in to show & share with their classmates. Today they wanted to bring their baby sister. They have been asking for awhile to bring her to show her to their classmates. So, today I brought her in for them. First we went to Nathan's class and he was so sweet & shy. Then went to McKayla's class. McKayla proceeds to tell how she changes diapers & holds her...she thinks she's a little mommy. She is a very big help to me when she wants to be. It was really cute to she how proud they are of Alyssa and Alyssa loved it! I can't believe I forgot my camera...silly me.


  1. I don't usually blog surf, but I had to comment on how cute your little family is. I am jealous that you guys live up on the mountain, but I don't envy the snow.

  2. Ok, that's just funny! She is a little mommy! It was fun to see you yesterday, even if it was just briefly! Hope you guys had a great Easter! Let us know when you are coming back again! We've got to go do something fun together!

  3. I can't believe I missed that!
    So adorable!

    I think tomorrow Elizabeth is Show and Sharing a pink stuffed pig....