Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long Story ....well maybe?

I mentioned that I had a few problems that's why Alyssa was born 3 weeks early. Well, here goes. I went in for my regular appointment on Monday Dec. 29th. They weighed me then took me back for the other routine stuff but when they got to the blood pressure it was pretty high & well pretty much everything was off. So, the Dr. came in and said well, you better get over to the hospital, which is across the street. That I might be having a baby real soon. So, when I got there they did labs & decided that besides my blood pressure, I was extremely anemic, losing tons of protein into my urine. Then they decided to do a 24 hour urine analysis & gave me a blood transfusion. Then more labs & so forth. But nothing really changed so they decided to induce me on the morning of or the night before Dec. 31st (it's kind of a blur). Then Alyssa Eleanor Jones arrived at 3:31am making her the 1st baby born on the New Year in The White Mountains. After she was born, other than almost fainting & passing a massive blood clout, and receiving yet another blood transfusion. We were finally able to come home on Friday evening. Alyssa is wonderful she has no health problems what so ever...Thank goodness. As sick as I was I am so very great full that it was me & not her! I am still on medication for the high blood pressure & for the low protein to help bring it all back to normal. I feel a lot better but I am still very tried & weak.

On a neat little side note. Alyssa Eleanor is named after my Grandma Eleanor McEntire who just turned 91 years old on January 1st, so Alyssa Eleanor was born on her namesakes birthday! Happy Birthday Grandma!! And Alyssa Eleanor!!

As I feel better I'll be adding Christmas & more pictures of Alyssa. Hope everyone is well & had a wonderful Holiday Season.

Here are a few pictures from the Hospital.

What a proud big sister!

And a proud Uncle!

And what a Proud Daddy!

Catching a few Zzzz

Proud & swollen mommy

What a proud big brother!!!


  1. Oh my gosh Kenna, congrats, I wasn't expecting to write this for a little bit, but that rocks and she is so beautiful. You guys did really well. I know in Safford, the New Years Baby gets tonz of gifts from all the local merchants, did that happen for you? I hope it did, because that would be awesome!!