Monday, November 24, 2008

Prego update....

I can no longer see my feet and I feel really pregnant. I'm only 31 weeks ~ how sad?! I won't mention how much weight I've gained so far. But in the last 2 weeks only gained 1 pound so that's not too bad considering. Everything is going well. The baby is measuring normal. That's good. The only not so good thing is the amount of protein I'm getting is pretty low. I'm like a 9 & everyone else is like a 14. So, it makes me get tired faster, just walking from the car to the house I am out of breath. I just need to not throw my meats up so much. Yeah right?! I'll just find proteins in other foods. Any suggestions?


  1. You look cute and pregnant, just like you should!!! We can't wait to meet your new little one! I bet you can't either! :)

  2. You can always eat peanut better for your protein. Nuts also have a good source of protein.

    We will be really excited to see your little girl. We will be in Arizona at the end of hopefully we will get to see you guys.