Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spotlight on Jared.

Jared's got his sympathy pregnancy tummy..when are you due Jared?

Here are some things you may not know about Jared:

1. He was born in Mesa on December 3, 1978. He was the 3 child and first boy. He has 6 total siblings.
2. He grew up in South Phoenix.
3. He didn't graduate high school but he received his GED at the age of 16 and was offered several scholarships.
4. He has been on his own since 16.
5. He learned the art of Palm Tree Trimming at a young age & was able to support himself in doing so.
6. He was able to be sealed to his parents and most of his siblings in April of 2002.
7. He and I got married August 30, 2002.
8. He and I got sealed August 30, 2003.
9. He has a wonderful testimony of the atonement, prayer & the gospel.
10. He loves to cook!
11. He can cook anything.
12. He loves to eat!
13. He could sleep all day.
14. He knows pretty much any kind of plant or tree and could tell you how to plant it and when & where.
15. He has selective memory loss :)
16. He takes longer than me to make himself "pretty".
17. He likes to have a blanket over at night all year long.
18. He is always cold.
19. He loves the outdoors (fishing, camping, etc.)
20. He loves family functions.
21. The kids like him more than me. They want him to do everything. This comes in handy:) trust me.
22. He has never had a job interview where he wasn't offered employment.
23. He in 2 short years he went from hourly employee to Assistant Store Manager Trainee program at Lowe's. This was his first real job! Not to shabby:)
24. He likes Rap music & Country Music (guess that comes from growing up in South Phoenix)
25. He used to sneak out his window at night when his chores were all done for years when he was a kid.
26. He would TP peoples yards with his brother Seth when we were dating & up until then I'm sure.
27. When he was young, he and his brothers would jump from the roof of there house on to old mattress they found in the alley.
28. He use to shave his head bald when he was young & had it long enough for a ponytail at one time also.
29. He taught himself to drive> This explains alot! :)
30. He has 2 1/2 kids
31. He is my best friend ever.
33. He totally takes care of everything...when I'm busy being totally sick & pregnant. I am truly blessed to have him as a my husband. I Love you Jared!


  1. You are lucky to have a great husband... even though he may sleep all day if he could. hee hee. Hug him and tell him you love him!

  2. Hey Kenna you and Jared (haha) are looking great pregnant. Hope your feeling well too. Man I can't believe how dirty little Nathan's face is down in your pictures below, but it looks like he is having a blast. Hope all is going well. LOL, Amy

  3. Oh My, some of those things I did know...but the tp-ing....I don't think we ever had anything to do with that!!! ;) You have such an adorable family!

  4. What a sweet list of this about Jared. Glad to hear things are going better for you guys. He is a great guy deep down in the core of him. :)