Friday, July 18, 2008


I saw this on my cousin's blog & thought it was cute:)

I am: hungry & thirsty all the time.
I think: I'm tired of throwing up everyday, all day!
I know: that my kids love me.
I want: to skip to January, so I'll have the baby sooner.
I have: difficulty sleeping when my kids won't sleep in their own beds.
I wish: I had a maid that came over weekly & a cook.
I hate: having to do the dishes.
I miss: being able to do things without puking & getting so exhausted.
I fear: lots of stuff.
I feel: thankful to have healthily kids.
I hear: the TV, the kids are watching Blue's Clues.
I smell: nothing at the moment thank goodness, because if I could smell something chances are it would make me throw up.
I search: for kids shoes every time we go out the door.
I wonder: how long it will take a child to come in here and ask for something....
I regret: a fews things but what can I do it about it now, it's the past.
I love: having a day when I don't throw up at all all day.
I care: that my children are happy!
I always: check my email (most days!)
I am not: excited to get packed & find cloths that actually fit me.
I believe: I can do anything I set my mind to.
I dance: in my living room when no one is watching.
I sing: as long as I think nobody is listening and when I'm in the mood.
I don't always: eat breakfast ~ it just comes back up anyways.
I fight: with my kids to go to bed when it's bed time.
I write: when I need to.
I lose: any battle with Nathan
I win: games when I get lucky or if Jared is distracted & misses something.
I never: do anything dishonest.
I listen: to whatever music has my interest at the moment in the car or at home.
I can usually be found: at home with my kids or at work these days.
I am scared: of losing the ones I love.
I need: someone to pamper me
I am happy about: my new job, getting to go to Phoenix & stay in a nice Hotel on my work (for training)

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  1. Your answers were so authentic. So sorry your feeling crummy, but know there is a reward in Heaven waiting for you. We are so in love with our new little one and so grateful Heavenly Father blessed us again. I know you truly feel the same way.