Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I thought this might me fun...plus I couldn't get any pictures to load so here we are..

THINK BACK TO 9TH GRADE.... THE LONGER AGO YOUR FRESHMEN YEAR WAS THE MORE FUN.(Mine was almost uh I can't remember...like 14 years ago! Wow I am getting old...oh well?!

Let see how much you remember....

- Who was your best friend?

- Who did you go out with?
no one

- Did you have a crush on anyone?
I had a few.

- What sports did you play?

- Did you buy your lunch

-Did you skip?
Once in a while

- Did you get suspended/expelled?

- What was your favorite class
Communications Survey

- What was your school's name?
South Mountain High School

-Did you go to the dances?

-If you could go back would you?

-Where did you sit at lunch
By the old office building that isn't there anymore....just where ever. It depended on the people I ate with. Plus the school was under construction, it was a mess.

- Who was your science teacher?

- Who was your English teacher?
I can't remember her name.

- Who was your history teacher?
I can't remember that teacher's either.

- Who was your math teacher?
I remember what she looks like but I am drawing a blank on the name. She was a short skinning little thing but super sweet. What the heck was her name.

That's gonna bother me all day!

- Did you think you were cool?
nope just your average freshmen

- Describe your outfits in ninth grade
Jeans and t-shirts

- Did you even have a cellphone?
Heck no...weren't pagers the thing then.

I didn't even have one of those until like Junior or Senior year but seriously what did I need one for anyway?

-Who was your favorite teacher?
Mrs. Burr

-What's your most memorable moment?
I don't think I have one....freshmen year was the hardest for me.

-What's your least favorite memories?
I don't really have BAD memories of freshman year, I was still pretty awkward back then though. And I sat in some ketchup...like that was real helpful to me back then.

-What was your best accomplishment?
I got good grades....but I usually did. Maybe I was a dork!

-What action do you regret the most?
I don't really have regrets from that year.

-What did you spend the most time doing on weekends?
I hung out mostly with Christy back then....we were inseparable!

-Did you make any lifelong friendships?
Yes I would say so....Amber & Amy are still good friends but I met Amy Sophomore year, same thing both years were kind of a blur.


  1. Hey, Hey, Hey!!! I am so glad that you found my blog. I have been meaning to get over and meet you. Thank you sooo much for subbing for me. I need to come and pick you up and take you for a Dairy Queen run or something. Maybe one evening when Jared is home I will swing by and pick you up:)

  2. Wow you remember alot from 9th grade. I don't know if I could remember that kind of detail. Interesting stuff!

  3. So I had such a crazy week this week-seems like they are always crazy. Anyways I will get over to see you this next week-maybe like Wed.-I have class Mon and Tues nights. So what year did you graduate?? I noticed that you have Cameron & Bethany's blog on your's?? Did you know Bethany when you were younger or did you know Cameron?? Cameron was my best little buddy in high school.