Monday, December 3, 2007

Job Offers...

Well there are three. The first one is with Show Low School District they hired me as a substitute teacher's aid & secretary. The next one is for The Post Office..I'm not officially hired but it's pending a back ground check, anyways it's for a Temporary Rural Carrier for Show Low. It has good opportunity in March I can take the test to become a regular employee. So both of those are part time. The last one is for Lowe's that will be opening up here in mid January the job is for a Full Time Cashier. I'm gonna try all of them since the sub one is an on call basis & the Post Office is kind of like that. The Post Office is the best paying one if I can get a enough hours. They are all pending background checks. As for Jared...he has an interview tomorrow & one on the 13th. Hopefully I will only be working temporarily or I can cut down to one job part time after February.

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